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Get Comprehensive Care With Digital X-Ray Services

When you're looking for the most thorough and comprehensive X-rays available, trust the digital X-rays from Dr. Craig Christensen. Digital X-rays offer a great advantage in image analysis and image manipulation to help us with early preventative and diagnostic detections. These X-rays can help to diagnose dental decay, periodontal bone loss, pathology in the bone and tissue, and much more. These state-of-the-art digital X-rays use less radiation and are faster. The image quality is clearer than the older X-rays that you may be used to. We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of the dentistry that we give you. You and your dental health are always our main concern.

At Dr. Craig Christensen's office, we also have a camera that takes pictures of your teeth. this new, high-tech intraoral camera is a wonderful and indispensable diagnostic tool. It is always an extremely helpful educational media device which helps you to visualize and better understand the dental needs you are experiencing. By moving the camera around your mouth, we can capture a picture of your teeth and bring the image up on the monitor so that you can see what we see.


This camera and its photo imaging is a very good teaching aide. You will be able to see things like tooth fractures, cracks in your teeth, surface decay, decalcification, and receding gums, etc. It shows us all kinds of dental pathology that is hiding in your mouth along side what normal teeth and tissue looks like. We can then discuss with you how we can best address the issues that we've discovered. The images help with the explanations we want to present to you about your dental needs.


Children of all ages love to see their teeth on the big screen. Let us show you our new camera on your next visit to either of our conveniently located offices.

High-tech Intraoral Camera

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